About "Fritz"

Born Frederick Kirk Marohn, he’s affectionately known by his family, friends, and virtually everyone else in the South Bay as Fritz. With more than twenty-years’ experience, Fritz has solidified his reputation for his hands-on approach and for consistently delivering high quality, high design custom homes.

Not one to overcomplicate things, Fritz adheres to a few basic rules:


Get a thorough understanding of the client’s priorities, concerns, vision and goals. Ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to the answers.

Maximize value.

A budget should be viewed as ceiling, not a floor. Where possible, drive value by offering material and services alternatives, advice on design decisions, and by sourcing materials and services to maximize quality and cost-effectiveness.


Whether through in person meetings, calls, emails, texts or web-cams, keep the client informed. The client should always have the option of less communication, but should never be required to ask for more.

Be respectful.

In addition to creating an enjoyable environment for clients, Fritz is extremelymindful of the job-site and its cleanliness, is sensitive of neighbors, and ensures everyone involved enjoys the experience.

Fritz, his wife Nicole, and their children Max and Maddie, reside in the South Bay. They love walking their dogs on the beach and, if and when he has more free time, Fritz hopes to become a better fly-fisherman. Until then, he’ll do what he loves most, which is building homes.

Our History

Fritz Construction has been in business for over 15 years in the South Bay and is committed to Quality Construction. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships and paying close attention to detail. The Team that will be most suitable for your project needs.

What We Do

We are working on new construction or a re-model, each individual project will be given the attention it needs to ensure excellence. Fritz Construction is an essential team player that will lead your construction team into a successful project.