With more than 20-years’ experience building custom homes in Southern California, Fritz Construction, Inc. has earned awards and distinction for superior build quality, innovative design, reliability and, most importantly, for client satisfaction. With its enduring relationships with clients and the community, Fritz Construction Inc. has made a name for themselves in the South Bay. The firm currently maintains a full-time construction crew while working closely with the area’s leading tradesman and sub-contractors. A fully-licensed and bonded firm, Fritz Construction has completed more than 100 residential construction projects without incident.

While the South Bay is privileged to have many talented contractors and construction companies, Fritz Construction is distinguished by their commitment to:


  • High Value Engineering: Fritz Construction invests the time and energy, and leverages its experience and relationships, to source the highest quality materials and services at the best cost. On every project, they look to up-level project quality and abbreviate build times without cost increases.

  • Transparency: They provide clients full visibility into the sub-contracting and sourcing process and let the client dictate the level of their involvement in that process. Each client has the opportunity to choose who will be part of the team, how those relationships will be structured, and whether third-parties are paid directly by the client or through payment methods offered by our firm.

  • Advocacy: Whether sourcing sub-contractors, collaborating with architects, evaluating materials and suppliers, pursuing permits, or at virtually any other stage in the design and construction process, we are there to represent you and your goals and to ensure a smooth an exceptional experience.

At Fritz Construction Inc., the singular goal is to understand a client’s vision and to deliver that vision as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. We have been very fortunate that, after years of building locally, many of our clients are repeat clients or come through referrals. We would be happy to share referencs upon request.

Fritz Construction Capabilities

  • Lot/Soil Assessment

  • Architectural Review

  • Budget review/development

  • Sourcing

  • Design

  • Landscape design/consulting

Best Practices

Involve your contractor as early as possible:

Don’t hesitate to involve your contractor early in the design process. They will gain insight into your thought processes and can often provide valuable advice on material alternative, the cost impact of a design decision, and potential impact to reliability and upkeep costs.

Go Local:

The South Bay has many very talented architects and contractors capable of delivering virtually every style at every imaginable price-point. If possible, use someone who knows the local rules, knows the local boards, can pull in people on short notice, rush approvals, and generally has earned the type of trust that makes it easier to get things done.

Just Ask:

Many people get into this process thinking that their contractor is simply someone who manages a building process and, by extension, manages the subs. The truth is, the contractor can be a wealth of information about neighborhoods, land quality, design ideas, options for alternative materials, new technologies (surveillance, filtration, AV). If you want to know something or something doesn’t make sense, just ask.